Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ah, the timeless classic that is the "let's see what happens when someone is choked unconscious" video. It's almost an obligatory posting for a website such as ours - dedicated 100% to BJJ and submission grappling.

If you train BJJ (or any kind of submission grappling), then getting put to sleep from a choke is merely a function of life on the mat (like staph infections and cauliflower ear).  I remember the last time I was rendered unconscious fondly.  I know I had a good dream and I woke up in a nice state of bliss. It's a beautiful thing. 

Watch Team HK (Relson Gracie) coach, Todd Tanaka, demo a quality RNC on an innocent white belt student  - for educational purposes, of course.*  Good stuff. 

DSTRYR/sg approves.

* please don't try this on your kid sister and/or pet monkey.


  1. Wish I had thought about this before training tonight because I got choked unconscious for the first time ever tonight.

    I had no idea what happened and I woke up thinking I had been there for hours and thought to myself--how fucking long is this class anyway??


  2. LOL!!!! "That was the best dream ever!" HAHAHA