Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MINDSPLOSION OLD SCHOOL VIDEO OF THE DAY (so awesomely retro, it will make your mind explode).

Ah, memories. 

Sometimes when I rummaging through my old stuff, I find something that brings back memories of a better time. For example, I was recently digging through my garage and I found all of my old HS wrestling stuff.  It brought back all these fond memories of my competition days and that state qualifying tournament where I came up short… wait.  Bad example.

OK. There was another time I found a box filled with stuff from my high school sweet heart.  That made me think about the time we went to our senior prom.  It was a such a magical night.  I would later find out that, after I dropped her off for the evening, the school’s all-star quarterback picked her up and took her to a party that I wasn’t invited to.

Man, maybe it’s not a good idea to dig in to my old stuff.

The real point is that today I rediscovered one of my all-time favorite highlight videos.  A total oldie but goodie. Its’ got some of the slickest BJJ in MMA - from the hardest hitting submissions to the most technical sweeps. All of the fighters featured have black hole-like guards - anyone found inside one will either be lost forever in some sort of time-space continuum or will escape horribly disfigured (kinda like this guy) … 


  1. Deep 22nd Impact was a hell of an event...
    Awesome highlight reel.

  2. I loved this. Got me all teary-eyed.

  3. Masakazu Imanari is crazy


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