Monday, March 14, 2011


Combatives is term for the hand-to-hand training and techniques employed by the US Army.  What's particularly great about it is that it uses a lot of BJJ and submission grappling.  I watched a Discovery documentary TV show about it, so, as you can expect, I'm pretty much an expert on the subject.

Check out the video below featuring 2 of Robson Moura's black belts, Josef Manuel and Andre Ushirobira as they roll with Combatives students during a course.  This is a some ridiculously smooth Jiu Jitz.  This is another great illustration BJJ's relevance, not just as a sport or element of the MMA game, but as a significant method of self defense.  Word.  


  1. As a former Army Infantry guy, I'm thrilled to see that the Army started taking close quarter combatives seriously. And these guys from NU did a great job in working with the Army. Awesome to see. Props to NU. And damn DSTRYR was right, that was some smooooove Jiu-jitsu.

  2. Aside from the military personnel, security guards should also have some advance knowledge and skills in at least one type of martial arts. Being adept in self defense trainings will give them edge over lawless elements.


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