Monday, March 7, 2011


The San Diego Trial of the World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Cup went down this weekend and our very own SG Crshr was on the scene to witness the Black/Brown action live.  We've said this many times - the World Pro is an amazing tournament series for many reasons.  For one, the trials element creates a uniquely dramatic build-up that other tournaments don't offer.  Second, there's real money on the line.  1st place in Absolute Brown/Black Division took home $4,000.  That's like 3 or 4 Shoyoroll gis (or one via ebay). More importantly, the series is attracting more and more of the world's best Jiu Jitsu athletes each year.

The San Diego Trial was no exception.  Amazing grappling occurred.  It's unfortunate that there isn't currently a stream or download component for the series available in the US (or really anywhere outside of the UAE).  Hopefully that will change soon and we can all watch the action it live.

Check out the results for Brown/Black below.  Stand outs for us:  (1) Andre Galvao's return to gi competition and (2) the talented Antonio Braga Neto, who beat Galvao in Absolute final and the equally scary pair that is Bochecha and João Assis (via RNC no less) to win the +92kg division.

1. Antonio Braga Neto
2. Andre Galvao

65kg (division closed out):
1. Guilherme Mendes
2. Eduardo Ramos

74kg (division closed out):
1. Gilbert "Durinho" Burns
2. Rodrigo Caporal

83kg (division closed out):
1. André Galvão
2. Claudio Calasans

1. Marco Machad
2. Marcel Louzado

1. Antonio Braga Neto
2. Marcus Bochecha

Note:  If you follow teams, it's noteworthy that Atos took home the most titles. Props.

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  1. This was a great tournament, the guys from Atos took over.


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