Thursday, March 17, 2011


Criminals don't even think about jumping Stephan Kesting. If they did, he'd escape and counter-attack, destroying them with precise, yet deadly, technique.  And, then he'll explain what he did in great detail in a 2 part DVD set

We here at DSTRYRsg are big supporters of Stephan.  He breaks down positions and techniques into the simplest, most understandable morsels for our tiny brains to process.

Check out the technique below demonstrated in a street scenario.  I, for one, love the self defense aspects of BJJ and grappling and I think it's refreshing for someone to actually do it outside in the elements where most crimes and robberies would take place. Practicing your techniques in unfamiliar and uncomfortable places introduces outside influences that you would normally encounter during an attack. Stephan breaks down the escape from mount and explains to us why and how some techniques are better than others.

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  1. Classic. I think that was the first sweep I ever learned, man that was a while ago. Nothing fancy, nothing too tricky, simple and effective.


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