Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I thought about it at great length (at least 30 seconds), and there's just no way to joke about sexual assault without doing some serious damage to your soul (assuming you have one).  So, I'm staying clear in the hopes that God will sees the humor in all my jokes about Satanism and give me a pass.

The Brothers Gracie are back again, this time with a DVD set that takes on the subject of women self defense from sexual assault.  It's really impossible debate the usefulness of women's awareness and simple and effective self defense skills. What's important is whether or not the techniques and lesson themselves are useful and effective. No, I haven't reviewed the DVD's, but you just can't go wrong with these Gracie Bros (unless you're talking about this).

It's good to see the teachings of Helio being used to strengthen women so that they can conquer and destroy attackers (or at least escape from them).  From the looks of the sample videos, Rener and Ryron are teaching technique as well as strategy and basic fighting philosophy (e.g., moving against an attacker when he's let his guard down).

Yet another example of the power of Jiu Jitz. 

[Note:  DSTRYR/sg is not being paid to endorse or advertise for the DVD set.  We just dig on Jiu Jitz and find this interesting.]

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