Wednesday, April 6, 2011


No one can refute that Caio Terra is a winner.  The kid is a world champion and continues to dominate in his class.  I've remarked here on DSTRYR/sg a couple of times about his non-submissions seeking style, but the reality is that he's doing an exceptional job and his technique is top tier.

Terra is also outspoken and we also give him huge props for that.  He speaks his mind.  Check out his post-Pan victory interview below with Budo Jake (he's just beaten Bruno Malfacine in the light feather final). 

Steroids use is so obvious in the black belts/world class BJJ ranks, yet no one really comments on it.  That's where Caio terra comes in.


  1. This is a complicated issue for me. I believe that if you love winning more than jiujitsu itself then your goal will start doing questionable things in jiujitsu in order to win. In this case steroids.


    These are world contenders that put all their eggs into this basket. Loosing could very well mean loosing the means to care for themselves or provide for their families.

    And many of them are coming from really poor backgrounds. Brazil still has severe poverty issues. So instead of some long winded rail rant, here is a quote:

    "If I can't work to make it, I'll rob and take it/ Either that or me and my children are starving and naked/Rather be a criminal pro than to follow the Matrix" The Roots - False Media

  2. So to you stealing a victory, and its ensuing benefits, from someone else is ok? Actually cheating is wrong, no matter how you slice it. If you can't feed your family doing Jiu Jitsu, you obviously need to sacrifice and get a job that pays better. Aside from your distorted reality, most of the money is made through sponsorships anyhow.
    That quote of yours is a complete 180 to what Jiu Jitsu means on or off the mat. I hope I don't have to train with someone as selfish as you are, no one benefits from such a person.


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