Sunday, April 10, 2011


If you train jiu jitz, you've undoubtedly heard something like this uttered by a random teammate post-roll "We should start our gi company and get rich and famous."  After that, a conversation usually  follows in which it's revealed someone's brother-in-law's sister lives in or near Pakistan and has hook-ups and someone else's roommate is an aspiring graphic artist with "sick designs."  A few emails later and everyone is back to training and your would-be TapOut crew is disbanded.

It's actually a pretty logical reaction when one sees Shoyoroll gis selling on Ebay for 2X+ their purchase price.  Everyone wants to be a BJJ/MMA baller, but the truth is, like most things, it don't come easy.

Check out this clip below featuring Vince aka "Bear" from Shoyoroll.  It highlights the reality behind any solid brand regardless of genre - hard work, dedication and more, than anything, longevity are all necessary for success.  And, success is definitely measured day by day.

So, start your brand now and maybe in 8 to 10 years you'll have something.  Here are a couple of my own pointers to ensure maximum success:
  • Your brand name must contain the word "Cage."
  • Chain-link and/or octagonal shapes must be used in all logos.
  • There is no such thing as too much blood splatter in a design.     


  1. I remember doing exactly this. I ended up just buying a Yank instead. Think I could Ebay it for 500?

  2. Speaking of Shoyoroll check out this jokes vid for one of its contests

    very jokes


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