Friday, April 22, 2011


I'm telling you, grappler - this GSP and his training and work ethic is on a level beyond our comprehension.  It's just over a week before his UFC 129 headliner against Jake Shields and homeboy is rolling in NYC with Renzo and undoubtedly downloading some great BJJ know-how.  This is why the guy is the best, hands down, in MMA right now. 

Check out the video below featuring a few very cool moments from a recent training session with Renzo Gracie and GSP, along with UFC Lightweight champ, Frankie Edgar.  It's no secret that GSP and Renzo have trained together before.  And, yeah it's entertaining and fun to see these elite MMAers rolling with Renzo, but, more importantly, there's real BJJ knowledge being dropped.  So, catch some.

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