Monday, April 25, 2011


Despite his very rough start in the UFC, Rolles Gracie Jr., son of Gracie family legend Rolls Gracie, looks to be back on the proper path to a solid MMA career.  As you all recall, Rolles made an horrible debut in the UFC last February losing a to Joey Beltran via sloppy TKO and got clipped by the promotion immediately.

It goes without saying that it's insanely tough to follow the MMA paths of Rickson, Royce, Renzo and Royler.  Hard to imagine what that's like.  No one in my family invented  a martial art that now dominates and permeates the fight scene the world over.  Most of us are just lucky if to avoid extended prison sentences and/or multiple teenage pregnancies - which is to say, I'm a huge success. 

Rolles is seemingly back, having fought Friday night in the regional event, Urban Conflict Championship (aka UCC), in Morristown New Jersey.  This time he faced a lessor known opponent (Braden Bice, who's lost 7 of last 10 fights) and TCB'd in a manner befitting a Gracie.  Nice job, Rolles. 

Take a look at his fight.  Crazy vertigo inducing camera angle, but, as always, we'll take it!

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