Thursday, April 28, 2011


Starting out as a white belt, my original instructor (who went solely by the name of "Tee") imposed a lot of core values in me that I will maintain throughout my martial arts career. He was a fan of the body lock (aka body triangle) and every time he took my back I was confident that he would lock on the gut wrenching squeeze. Of course after several uncomfortable moments of struggling, my arms would extend and then he would proceed to choke me.

As my training and experience progressed to blue belt, my defense against "ULTIMATE BACK CONTROL" clearly got better and frustrated my instructor. He then resorted to taunting me by painfully twisting my ears and noogying my head 'til my hands came up.  Then he would choke me per his usual. My time with him was valuable, and I learned never to let painful annoyances disrupt my home alone choke defense. If it wasn't for him I would have never learned how to punish whitebelts the way I do. Obrigado.

Anyway, enough heartfelt stories from my life. It's video tutorial time! Check out this vid of a slick body lock escape that is rather dangerous.  And, if you get good at it,  it would be nothing other than pure smoovness.

Props to Jits Magazine for the video goodness. 

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