Thursday, May 26, 2011


Damn this Sambo stuff is catchy.  It's like the new black.  Every time I watch one of these videos breaking down cool Sambo techniques, I want to take off my pants (because that how they roll) and break a man's leg (and/or neck) ... using the Sambo.

These techniques are not BJJ.  You won't see them employed by the big black belt players in the upcoming Worlds.  Typically, BJJ submissions steer clear of cranks and hip/groin submissions like these.  But, the truth is - they can be effective.  From my observation, the finishes shown below will work.  I can't say I've tried them before, but you can bet I will be working some of these into Friday morning roll.

Check it out and work this stuff.   Let me know how teammates you send to the ortho.


* You get an A in punk rock if you got the Misfits reference.  

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  1. Or a fun way to put somebody in a wheelchair.

    Great video, I hope I never get caught in one of those.


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