Thursday, May 5, 2011


Remember grapplers, Jiu Jitsu is affectionately known as the "Gentle Art." There is no need to grunt and pull on your opponent's arm like a rabid caveman. That's just a big waste of time and energy. You also don't want to look like your giving birth (e.g., GSP v Dan Hardy). Now onto the video topic of the moment, which is transitioning from submission to submission with ease: the kimura via the armbar.

The armbar is a position I am very familiar with. No, not applying one - I'm usually the victim. Over the years I have grown accustomed to my professor locking onto my arm for one of his impossible-to-escape armbars. I've seen it in competition too (it's impossible to escape.) So I will usually struggle a bit and sometimes, when I think I got to a better position and I can wiggle out, he slaps on a wrist-lock from hell.

You may wonder where I was going with all of this. My point was to reiterate Bruce Lee's "Be Like Water" concept: follow the path of least resistance and adapt to what your opponent gives you.

This video shows us a great transition that flows from the armbar to the kimura. It will definitely come in handy if your opponent has a death grip (like I do) or is just disgustingly flexible (like Dan Hardy).

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  1. It's like a modified Short-Arm Scissor (due to not being allowed to use 'crush' moves in certain comps.) Look up Short Arm-scissor / SAS Catch wrestling


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