Sunday, May 22, 2011


Behind all the controversy and the thick cloud of smoke, some of you may not know that Eddie Bravo has a legit black belt from Jean Jacques Machado. Beside being an advocate for weed, he is also most famously known for tapping Royler in ADCC 2003 as a brown belt. I know a lot of people talk sh&t on the guy, and lots of Brazilians think he's a joke, but if you take some time and really take a look at his system, it makes sense. I can vouch - his Twister and Rubber guard books were the first books I picked up when I started training. Do I use rubber guard? Yes, maybe once a year when the opportunity arises. But thats not the point. His system takes elements of various arts - sambo, judo, catch, and other grappling arts to form a no gi version know as 10th Planet JJ. While his rubberguard may not suit everyone the other elements do, such as twister side control and his many setups for armlocks and chokes. Bravo's system opens up some great positions for attacking from the bottom for MMA or Vale Tudo as well. So open your big hearts and little minds and let some Bravo in. Oh, and for those of you who love Eddie or others that just want to see him get smashed, he is once again facing Royler in a much anticipated rematch later this year at ADCC finals.


  1. Rubber guard techniques works well for me when a larger person that is far more muscular is trying to punch me in the head. But I'm a bit more flexible than most.

  2. Awesome man, like I said it's not for everyone but it's a legit technique (system.)


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