Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Tarsis Humpheys, current defending world champion, will not make a return run at his throne this year. Inside sources here at DSTRYR/SG (i.e., me) tell us quite reliably (100% certain) that he sustained a knee injury during the ADCC Brazil qualifiers - about 7 minutes into his third match. Tarsis was the bona fide favorite to face Claudio Calasans in the finals at the trials.  Too say the least, it's disappointing such a great, young champion like Tarsis will be sidelined for a while due to injury.

I saw this while attending the tournament to support a few teammates here. I witnessed Tarsis hurt his knee.  Surprisingly it didn't occur in the manner you'd expect. No, he wasn't trying to tear of a heel hook or dogfight out of a kneebar. The knee  injury came about in a battle of takedowns. Tarsis had already fought for 3 or 4 takedowns and his match was still tied 0-0. He was very close to being successful on each attempts, but his opponent was smart enough to keep running off the mat. Tarsis tried to implement a similar strategy to defend a takedown from his opponent, and as he was mid-turn, his knee collapsed on him. A very difficult injury to watch.

I talked to Tarsis a few days later while he was sporting a knee brace and a serious limp, and learned that he had torn tendons in his knee. I apologize for not having a more technical term of the tear, but it wasn't ACL. He told me he would need surgery on it and he would receive it in the next week.  Minimum, Tarsis is out for 3 months. That's three months before training.  Expect him to be out another 6 months from competition.

As much as we love BJJ, we're aware that serious injuries happen in the sport. They often say its how you come back from them that makes the difference. Let's hope a amazing grappler like Tarsis can come back full-bore.

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