Wednesday, May 25, 2011


No?  Maybe?  I don't know really.  He's the most visible and well known because of his historic victories in the UFC.  But even Helio Gracie said it was always Rickson who was the strongest and most skilled of his sons.  Then there's Royler.  Is he like the Jermaine Jackson of the family?  Don't be confused, grappler.  This is complicated stuff best left in the hands of scientists and scholars to figure out.

If you were a good grappler, you would have seen this already.  But, we're banking on the opposite being true, so we're helping you out and spoon feeding you some Royce.  He appeared on G4's "Attack of the Show" last week and we present that below.  Nothing too special about this interview and, like ALL MMA TV talk show interviews, it ends with the classic RNC finale gag.  But, we're an easy audience, so we like that sort of thing.

Props to Royce for staying out there and being a good sport.

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