Saturday, May 28, 2011


I admit, I roll BJJJ so often starting from the knees, that I neglect the takedown game.  I've said it here before, but the truth is I was once more of a wrestler and less of a BJJer or sub grappler.  But, that was 10+ years ago, and now my takedowns (against good guys) are about as effective as your guard passing skills - which is to say, not very.

Not only are my takedowns getting weaker, but my memory seems to be going too.  I honestly forgot that Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou (aka "Sokoudjou") is an elite Judo player with a badass Judo resume.

I could take ownership and accept responsibility for my takedown shortcomings and poor Sokoudjou knowledge, but I think I'll just blame the whole thing on the tornadoes we've been having in the midwest (despite living a solid 1,500 miles from them).   Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger too.

Watch this little 2 minute piece featuring Sokoudjou dropping some knowledge re the subject of Judo and its many nuances.  Major to props to for filming and producing this great segment.  I'm just getting familiar with them, and I'm super impressed with their material.  We'll link some more of their works here soon.

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