Thursday, May 19, 2011


So this is a touchy subject for me and I may even contradict myself at some point, but here goes. I love leglocks: ankle, toehold, kneebar, crushes and just about everything else. So what's my issue? Heelhooks.
One part of me loves the fact that it's another option for attack, but then the other half of me thinks they're kind of cheap. In my opinion cheap and very dangerous. Do I think people should train leglocks including heelhooks? Of course. It's part of the sport, and if you want to get anywhere near blackbelt, without a doubt, learn them offensively and defensively.

My main issue is this - with all other submissions I can think of or that have been applied on me (which is pretty much everything), you feel the pressure or pain and that little guy in your head tells you should tap. The issue with heelhooks is that it takes very little movement to completely tear the ligaments apart. This isn't a bruise or a hyperextension, which at the most will take a few weeks to heal. Some guys tear up their knees and are out for months; sometimes they are never the same. I also see a lot of no-gi guys at tourneys, who clearly are not experienced grapplers or know the subtle nuances of leglocks, get hurt ... bad.

So as much as I love leglocks sometimes I just need to vent. In this particular case I did a little bit of both. Now onto the video - this ankle lock counter is F*&King cool and I've never seen one like it.

Leglocks and I will be together, always and forever.

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