Friday, May 6, 2011


The young Gregor Gracie (son of Rolls Gracie's widow) graced the cage this past weekend and won in proper Gracie fashion - with a lightning fast :29 guillotine choke.  Like half brother Rolles Gracie, Jr., Gregor isn't taking the plunge as of yet into high stakes, major (or even minor) league MMA.  He's put together a 4-1 record over the past 4 years (obviously not on the fast track either) by fighting in club-level/semi-minor league, mostly local promotions.

Last weekend's fight against the unknown and inexperienced (now, 0-1) Argentinian, Mariano Hinojal, took place in Recife, Brazil, at an event called International Fighter Championship (dubbed IFC).  The poorly filmed video below tells the very short story.

Now, when I first saw this I had to question whether a fighter by any other name would make headlines with this level of fight and promotion.

The answer is clearly "no."  But, the truth is (speaking mainly for myself), we actually care how those bearing the Gracie name do in competition.  This is what happens when your grandfather invented the sport.  My grandfather picked strawberries for a living, so no one really cares if/when I win a tournament.

Props to Gregor for putting it out there and winning.  We'll keep watching.

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