Thursday, June 16, 2011


Being on the receiving end of a body triangle is easily near the top of the list for worst positions in which to find yourself.  Off the top of my head, I can only think of a couple worse positions  Anything requiring use of the term "teabag" probably ranks a little higher.  But, the body triangle is bad; real bad.  Why?  Mainly because of the immense pain it causes.

If you've managed to avoid being put in a gnarly body triangle thus far in your BJJ career, that's good.  Avoid them.  If you must know what it feels like, then, rather than volunteering for one yourself, try putting one on the weakest, most inexperienced undersized and preferably sickly whitebelt you can find.  Ask him (or her) how bad it felt afterward.

Alright, jokes aside - you need to learn defend, counter and/or escape from this position at all costs.  Here are a few Catch Wrestling responses to the ol'body triangle brought to us by ISWA (i.e., International Submission Wrestling Assoc.) coach, Laren Umphelt.  These approaches differ from the typical BJJ/submission grappling style.  Good stuff.


  1. That shin lock he showed first is a pain compliance gimmick that only works on whitebelts. If the guy on your back is good at RNCs or transitions to mount you're done. Look at Barnett and Sakuraba they aren't using Pain compliance Gimmicks. They are attacking the same large joints that BJJ buys are.

  2. It's only pain compliance if you don't know how to do it properly. Similar to how many believe an arm crush is only pain compliance until you see radius and ulna breaks courtesy of a well executed short arm scissors.

  3. Pull a butterfly Guard on Barnett, and I think you'll see a shinlock. Its mostly not used as a sub, but as a position breaker.
    Believe me, you'll twitch outta there!

  4. They need to be practiced a lot. Then they work great!
    Getting on Gotch's back and putting "hook in" was like putting your legs in a woodchipper!

  5. I remember a long time ago when I used to think that things like shin locks didn't work. I was wrong.

  6. When you trap the knee against the floor, raise your butt off the floor and drive through the shin, they will tap or it is easy to snap that bone. Very painful and effective lock. That first poster has obviously never been on the recieving end of the real deal.
    Boyd Ritchie


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