Monday, June 13, 2011


DSTRYR/SG is pretty much wristlock country.  And, by that I mean, we love them.

And, you should too.  For some reason, over the years wristlocks got kind of a bad reputation for being "cheap" and sneaky (in a bad way).  But, we disagree.  For one, there's plenty of sophisticated technique involved in getting these finishes.  And, yeah - they're sneaky.  But, sneaky just means you thought of something your opponent wasn't vigilant about defending.  Go writslock.

Here's another variation of a wristlock you can pull off from side control.  Practice and report back your wrislockery prowess.


  1. Yes it was I that ordered more wristlocks and thanks for hearing my urgent plea. As someone who is often the victim of the latest spinning/flying/rotating kneebar heel hook ankle lock I thank you. Like you DSG I dislike kneebars and such at my blue belt level. Wristlocks however... It never ceases to amaze me that the same guys that throw every kneebar or heelhook in the encyclopedia get into a hissy fit if someone tries a wristlock. " dude thats a cheap move..." "Talk to DSG" I forcefully reply;)

  2. You deserve an award for this comment, Anonymous. Contact us on facebook or twitter and we'll get you a patch and some stickers.

  3. Thanks fellas! I would be honored to wear your stuff. Im not on facebook but Ill try to get you guys on Twitter. Thanks.

  4. Or just hit us up at The at is an @, of course.

  5. Hey DSTRYR, I hit this wrist lock clean last night on a Blue belt at my gym. He was completely flabbergasted and asked me where I learned it so I pointed him DSTRYR/SG way. Even after he knew it was coming it was a very effective tool in keeping him from cross-facing from bottom.


  6. Hell yeah, how awesome is it that we can provide techniques that embarrass your training partners. Stay tuned more wristlocks on the way! And Anonymous, I second what DSTRYR said.


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