Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Georges St. Pierre is known for being a snappy dresser and fashion icon.  The pinstriped suits, the excessive use of Affliction regalia, the finely sculpted facial hair - all of that has influenced my personal style.  Without GSP, I would never have felt comfortable wearing Karate Kid style headbands to work (casual Fridays only).

And the champ looks pretty smart in a Gracie Barra gi as well.  Watch this little clip of his recent visit to a GB school in Alberta.  Looks like taught the crowd of students an arm drag off of a lapel grab from standing (followed by a classic elevator-type sweep takedown).  Good stuff.

We've seen GSP rolling before in the UK with Roger and Braulio.  There's some sort of secret/covert GSP-GB connection here and we aim to uncover it and expose it to the world.  Either that, of maybe just I'll just have a cup of coffee and forget about the whole thing.  Looking more and more like the latter of the two ...


  1. GSP is a GB blackbelt via Bruno Fernandes.

  2. Who is this guy ^ posting as me? Imposter!

  3. 1)I'm gonna reserve judgment on his GB BJJ black belt. I'd like to roll with him (in gi) first. Maybe he has legit black belt skills (although he apparently got it in a short amount of time).

    2) Anonymous - that impostor posts here all the time. Identity theft?

  4. Alan - GB LondonJune 21, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    Seems to me that GSP spent close to 8 years getting his black belt, though I could be wrong on that one. That's roughly the amount of time Renzo says it should take for someone dedicated, and I think we all know GSP is OCD when it comes to working technique. And yes, the first anonymous is correct. GSP was promoted by Bruno Fernandes, who is a legit black belt in his own right.


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