Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sometimes you just have to break it down in the mother tongue, grapplers. Let's keep this short and sweet.  This video is on my favorite subject  - the triangle submission.  If you learn this submission and it's many forms and variations, you will have a deadly weapon at your disposal.  Many a young grappler tend to focus on collar chokes, kimuras, armbars and submissions from the back rather than the triangle, but, in my opinion, it's equally fundamental and accessible to the others.

Ricardo De La Riva has become famous and legendary for his trademark outside-to-inside open guard hook game (dubbed the "De La Riva Guard"), and rightfully so.  He perfected a subtle, yet tricky and brilliantly offensive guard game.  But, the Carlson Gracie blackbelt  is also a gifted coach in all other aspects of BJJ.  Check him out demo'ing 3 quality triangle setups, each of which transitions off of the prior.  I definitely approve.  My only note - De La Riva is a smaller and extremely flexible athlete.  These triangles require a degree of hip dexterity and flexibility not all grapplers may possess (or at least not at their current level).  Still, they are picture perfect as demonstrated by a master like Sr. De La Riva.

Lastly, what takes this video over the edge and makes it 100% DSTRYR/SG approved - that sweet pumpkin orange mat.  I bet you claim you don't dig the color orange, grappler.  But, we both know you'll be loving it in it the moment Shoyoroll presells a dapper orange kimono. 


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  1. I already ordered the brown and orange one. Or is it mustard yellow?


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