Sunday, June 26, 2011


Choking a man with your gi tail is pretty gangster (you could say "gangsta," but I'm not going to) as far as gangster goes.  It's not quite as gangster a stabbing a dude on the prison yard or drinking 40's with your homeboys instead of meeting up with your probation officer, but it's still up there.  It's definitely more gangster than you watching "Dancing With The Stars" with your girlfriend and her Yorkshire Terrier. 

Check out a simple and effective go tail choke as demo'd by some guys from Gerbil Jiu Jitsu/Great Grappling in North Carolina.  I like these guys - they don't seem to be messing around.  Nothing fancy.  No animated logos, no lens flares or special effects or color coordinated gis.  Just two BJJ guys in a gym showing you a solid technique.  They don't even bother with HD video.  This is straight up Jiu Jitz.     

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