Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We just wouldn't be DSTRYR/SG if we didn't push everyone - and we mean everyone - to either watch the Worlds live at the Long Beach Pyamid (Cal State Long Beach) or to, at minimum, watch the live stream via Budovideos.  That means you and your parents and elderly aunties and grandparents sitting in front of your 2003 Dell laptop watching Marcelo Garcia make a run for another World Championship (his 5th, if he wins).

Consider it an obligation.  You train.  You wear Under Armour® to the grocery store (not cool).  You bore your coworkers with stories of epic omoplata-to-triangle setups. You eat a lot of açaí-based food products.  You tell people often (perhaps too often) about the health benefits of coconut water.  You have weird ears.  You are Jiu Jitz, so you gotta support the best in the world.  Have fun.  We will too.

For the DSTRYR/SG readership competing this weekend - make us proud and get some subs.

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