Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Put on your track suit and lay down some cardboard - it's time to dance. I know I'm ready to bust a move. I'm proud to say my moves are sweeter than Jerry Springer and Bristol Palin combined. If MTV could take ratings from my house, they would realize I watch ABDC just as much as Bully Beatdown and Bellator. Not only is poppin' and lockin' mesmerizing to watch, but when you can incorporate the smooth fluidity and constant movement of dance into your grappling game, you can raise it to a whole new level.

One of the smoothest BJJ fighters that I've admired over the years is Andre Galvao. He can roll with people and just make them look plain silly.  Not by using tricks or fancy techniques, but by constantly moving yet remaining connected to his opponent. Have no idea what I am talking about?  Perhaps you should put down your Cosmo Magazine and turn on some Galvao highlights, like this. If you watched, you'll see Galvao applying his famed step-over technique, which you too can learn from Gerbil JJ/Great Grappling blackbelt, Jeremy Arel, in this great tutorial.

Word to your mother.

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