Friday, July 29, 2011


This deep half guard (or, the "DHG" as we're calling it) business may well be to BJJ what Scrappy Doo was was the Scooby Doo franchise.  And, by that, I mean it's demise.  It's everywhere.  Someone's actually trying this game on me right now as a pen this amazing DSTRYR/sg post.  Of course, I'm not falling for that silly stuff.

OK.  I'm just busting the DHG's balls.  Honestly, it's no longer a fad or merely the technique du jour.  It's a solid BJJ gameplan (for the right athlete).  Is it advanced?  Yes.  But, it's obtainable too and, more importantly, it's very prevalent and it's not going anywhere.  Not long ago it was cultish and pretty unique. Now, I'm seeing relatively inexperienced grapplers (fresh blue belts and below) busting this stuff in free rolls and tournaments all the time.

So, like or not, we all have to master it backward and forward.  

The vid below comes from the talented Jared Weiner of BJJ United in Philadelphia (along with none other than JT Torres as his dummy).  This is advanced DHG stuff; the kind of sweep you work on after you've mastered the basics. Get to it.

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