Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Growing up I was obsessed with the show "Home Improvement" and Tim the Toolman Taylor. I remember sitting in front of the TV everyday and watching Al and Tim show off their newest drills and tools before repeatedly hurting themselves. The show was great and I saw every episode throughout its 8 year run. Still, I wasn't much a fan of the Taylor "brothers." Come on, ZTB, JTT, and TNS?  Do you really need to insist on using all three of your names? For some reason I hated these kids.  They seemed way to cocky for their own good, but in the end it all balanced itself out. Last thing JTT did was play young Simba in "Kingdom Hearts II" and I know we all saw that one. ZTB recently played Thor in the SyFy original Hammer of the Gods,  which was pretty sad. And Taran Noah Smith, possibly the most famous Taylor brother of all, appeared in Daryl Hannah's "Love Life" (2008.) Let me tell you, they are tearing sh#t up. My point being that when you get cocky and forget the basics (the solid foundation to build upon) you wind up like one of the acronym brothers mentioned above.

Now that I have made that absolutely horrible analogy comparing a 90's tv show to drilling jiu jitsu techniques, we need to move on. Listen up, take the next 30 minutes, find a small space in your house or at the gym and do the drills in this video with Carlson Gracie Sr. BB, Aaron Lapointe. I'm sure within the next five years taking classes via the internets will come to fruition - just last year Robson Moura had a live seminar with Q&A via the web. Ah, technology, I love you.


  1. Horrible analogy maybe, but the comparison does increase my interest in drilling a good 50%...

  2. The DEMOLISHER is the Prince of Horrible Analogies in the Kingdom of DSTRYR/SG.

    Long may he reign.


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