Thursday, July 7, 2011


We're not trying to perpetuate some crazy conspiracy theory or anything, but reliable sources revealed to me that Helio and Carlos kept hidden and secret certain deadly BJJ techniques.  I'm still trying to uncover the reason(s) for all of this and much of it is still unclear.  We suspect alien visitors to be involved at the deepest level

I'm sure the good'ol eye socket submission/attack dates back the origins of hand-to-hand combat.  It seems pretty obvious, given the innate vulnerability of the eyes.  We're not permitted to attack them in BJJ or in modern submission grappling.  It's probably a good idea to prevent unwanted eye bursting and/or loss.  But, these Catch Wrestling guys - they don't follow our rules.  They're like wild stallions roaming the plains randomly eyeball submitting  and neck cranking people.  It's barbaric ... and so we love it.

This is another great lockflow of positions and subs (including an eye submission) from CACC coach, Laren Grey Umphlett. We'd warn you not to try this at home, but that just isn't our style.

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  1. This is incredibly risky to go under an opponent like that, maybe against a novice wrestler, but still very risky. Also that's the first time I've ever seen such a shallow FHL! I know this is a demonstration but if you don't have your opponent carrying your weight, he can easily fight or counter it.


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