Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Ah, the omoplata.  Beloved by many.  Hated by few.  It's like that popular kid in school that you wanted to hate on, but couldn't help but like.  Personally, it's not my thing. Still, I respect it enough to watch out for it and viciously defend myself against the few who attempt it on me

Regardless of whether it's a part of your game, you need to know this advanced yet common position.  There's nothing novel about - it's been around and employed long before any of us were rolling around on the mats.  But, like all techniques, it's constantly being refined and developed in new directions.

Below is a short but high quality video technique from Xande Ribeiro black belt, Ben Eaton of RJJ Yorktown, VA featuring some of Ben's omoplata techniques.  I've seen these appoaches before; they are advanced, technical and effective.  This video is great because it's filled with nuance and superb form from a practitioner who obviously know the position well. 

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