Friday, July 22, 2011


Smashing stuff is cool.  I've been contemplating it as a concept, and I'm pretty much 100% in favor of it.  It doesn't require much thinking and it generally causes damage.  The Hulk does it.  These are all good things.

Passing is usually pretty good too.  Passing the buck - yeah.  Passing some time - sure.  And, passing the guard - that's enjoyable too (I just did a little of that this morning).

Joe Camacho is a black belt under Aloisio Silva and a BJJ coach here in SoCal.  He also has many MMA fights to his name.  He's showing us a solid, bread 'n butter variation on a classic pass in this clip and it's straight up money.  He calls it the "smash & pass" and aptly so.  Unlike a lot of the fancy stuff we post knowing you'll try it and fail miserably at it, this is something you can drill and actually execute on the regular.  Go.


  1. So pretty much the Tozi/Wilson/Chim/Sao Paaulo pass then?

  2. "So pretty much the Tozi/Wilson/Chim/Sao Paaulo pass then?"

    Pretty much. There are a couple differences. chimchim you are lower on the body and use your free hand to open the guard at the feet.

  3. Yeah, it's the Wilson pass in overall structure but it is good to see how others approach it.


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