Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What I have learned over the years of training various martial arts is that there is only a certain number of ways you can move. What exactly does that mean? Well, you could technically trace back all martial arts to a select time and region so all of them are technically related. And, many share the same or similar techniques as well. Why? Because the human body has evolved over time to it's current state. Martial arts were adapted to fit the capabilities of the human body and sometimes to exploit them just like we do in BJJ.

All to often I hear "This is the way you have to do it - there is only one correct way." Well that frankly is wrong.  If you can make something work orthodox or not and it is as high percentage or higher than the "ONLY WAY," that means it works - and the hell with what others say. Take for example the long debate of how and where to place your thumbs on a Kimura. I have heard countless times you cannot use thumbs at all, it won't work, it takes to much strength, blah blah. But take a look at BJJ's close cousin and possibly older friend (CACC and sometimes Judo) and you will see it taught using thumbs and slightly different hand positioning. Now is one better or worse than the other? I would have to say NO.

The same goes for mount escape, I've heard instructors say there are basically only two ways of escaping mount, the first being the elbow escape and the second the upa. Well take it from these two - they clearly don't have any real experience and have a rather unorthodox way of escaping mount that, guess what? Works...

The message here is learn what is taught to you, master it, and then make it your own, with or without thumbs...

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