Monday, August 8, 2011


In life, the people with whom we associate can make a difference.  If you are reading this from your prison cell, then you already know what I mean (and you have a very good WIFI set up).  But, I'm probably not your dad, so that's not something I care about.  The concept does apply in Jiu Jitsu though (and martial arts in general).  For example, if you tell me you're a black belt under Saulo Ribeiro, you've just earned some built-in respect from me.  Just the same, if you tell me your sensei is a 6-part DVD series, you're going to have to earn that respect by repeatedly beating me down on the mat (that will not happen).

I've never rolled with Xande or Saulo Ribeiro or any of their black belts, but I always like the way they approach BJJ and the solid techniques they present to the grappling public.  Check out a very good demonstration of a collar drag from (butterfly) guard to take the back by Saulo Ribeiro and Chris Blanke black belt, John Walus (Detroit Jiu Jitsu Academy). 

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