Saturday, August 6, 2011


Forward:  DSTRYR/SG has been going strong for over 2 years now and we're only getting better.  A lot of our newer readership missed out on some great exclusive stuff from the "early days."  We intend to change that by giving you some flashbacks to some of our best material.  Here's a great post from back in the day by the great Kenny Bond (DSTRYR/SG teammate/coach/friend):

Maybe BJJ is too brutal for our “sophisticated” society where our kids are discouraged from physically defending themselves, lawyers put labels on everything warning of physical harm (e.g., "Caution: Coffee may be hot"), T-ball leagues won’t keep score to spare the losers from feeling bad, and being famous for doing nothing is just great. By brutal, I don’t mean physically, although that is part of it, but brutal in its honesty and transparency. The mat never lies.

Your opponent in a tournament doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity, had a bad morning, or drive a Ferrari. Your opponent is gonna choke you out if he can. And you’re not gonna win your weight class unless you’re the best on that day. The mat never lies.

Most promotions in BJJ are generally done in a nonchalant manner. You get handed your belt, you get a few handshakes, and then you’re back training. Why? Because everyone knows who needs to be promoted. It’s obvious. Your instructor handing you your new belt is just a formality. If you get promoted without deserving it, it will be apparent and embarrassing. The mat never lies.

The honesty and transparency in BJJ is a blessing for some and a curse for others. Take comfort in knowing that sticking with this sport for any length of time speaks to your inner strength, character, and personality. The mat never lies.

Remember that a black belt is just a white belt who never quit.

Wanna roll?

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