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We are happy to bring back BJJ gear reviews. As the year has progressed, we slowly moved away from some of the product reviews we used to do in order to present our followers (you lovely guys and gals) with exclusive content and interviews. Well we are still going to do that but we have promised to our selves and to the grappling gods that we will deliver some great grappling gear reviews as well. So on we go!

Datsusara Hemp BJJ Belts

Recently, I spoke with Chris of Datsusara Gear and learned a little more about his company and his products. Chris's company is based out of LA and is entering it's 4th year, his goal still remains strong and that is to make truly functional, high quality gear. Datsusara has been creating a bit of a buzz lately with all of their products being made from green materials such as hemp and bamboo. Chris believes that staying green is as important as delivering goods that are extremely durable but also breathable and anti-microbial. Datsusara offers a wide variety of BJJ/MMA gear that includes gear bags, shorts, shirts, and bjj kimonos. Chris recently sent me some prototype belts to test out and do a review on. He sent me two belts to take a look at, both made from hemp which will match the hemp gi's they offer and they are 4Xstronger than cotton, dry easier, are naturally anti-microbial thus lasting longer.

As usual I was a little kid upon receive Chris's package in the mail. I ripped open the bag to find two natural colored belts, one that looked similar to a typical bjj belt with horizontal stitching, and the second belt I immediately fell in love with. The second belt was completely different than anything that I have seen, (the closest thing I could compare to is a War belt) it was made of a weaved pattern of fabric but yet it was soft and had just the right amount of stitching. These were prototype belts so they didn't have specific sizes on them, but both were 300 cm in length which was almost identical to my A-3 Koral Purple Belt. That night I took the weaved belt with me to train in and I was very happy with it. As with most belts it was a tad stiff since I didn't do a pre wash but the belt fit perfect, rarely came loose and had the perfect weight and thickness for my liking. I also really love the crosshatched weave pattern of this belt. The following night I gave it another run after washing it and it has softened up even more, and again with the same properties.

Now it was time to test out the second belt which was the traditional looking belt. Just by looking at it you would never know it was made of hemp, it had the same thickness and feel of any cotton belt out on the market. I was impressed by the tight stitching and corner reinforcement stitches. The belt was not as stiff as the weaved belt and worked like a charm during rolling. The belt did come loose a few times but no more than my Koral and maybe even less. I do have to say I love both of these belts but as you could tell the weaved version found a place in my heart. Chris explained to me that the current batch is just a test run in one size, and he is planning on making them in all sizes eventually. Currently only the natural color is available for $20 but a colored version will be available soon with the black ranking sleeves. I can't wait for the colored ranked versions to come out and as soon as I get my brown belt (whenever that is) I will surely purchase a weaved Datsusara.

Traditional v Weaved

Quality: Blackbelt / Blackbelt (strong green materials, great stitching)
Price: $20 Going price for a decent BJJ belt, Prices will change upon new models
Appearance: Brown Belt / Coral Belt (The weave really stands out but not in a flashy way)
Durability: Blackbelt/Blackbelt (it's hemp, and has great stitching)
Thickness: Blackbelt/Blackbelt (not to thick, not to thin, that's what she said)
Sizing: Blackbelt/Blackbelt (300cm fit like a Koral A3)

Overall - First Degree Black Belt


  1. Maybe you guys can put to rest finally the whole "If I wear a hemp gi will I test postitive at work for weed" argument. Seriously for many like myself that is the only thing holding us back from this amazing fabric. Thanks and roll on lads, roll on.

    1. no. u will definitely not test positive. you see the bud of the weed is what we smoke, and the THC on it, is what gets you high. even when you break weed apart and the THC seeps into your pores, it still doesn't enter the blood system. with hemp, it's just the plant, and that plant if you smoke it won't get you high, the bud from the plant is what gets you high and if THC itself doesn't seep into your pores, why would a weaker state of it manage to get into your system. VERY SIMPLE VERY EASY

  2. ^^^ Is that serious? Like...really dude?

  3. I'm no expert, but unless you eat/smoke the gi and somehow there are trace elements of THC still left in the fabric after all of the washing, processing and dyeing, I don't see any way possible you could test positive for a substance that you have not ingested in some manner. Hope that helped, and again, I am no expert.

  4. You have to admit though that a hemp gi would be just that much more badass if it came with a surgeon general's warning. :P

  5. The hemp fibers used in textiles contain less than .01% THC (the chemical in marijuana that is illegal and shows on drug tests). After processing and washing the amount of THC in the fabric is so minute that there is no chance the gi itself would test positive for THC, let alone someone wearing it. This isn't a poppy seed bagel that's going to show up as heroin, it's fabric with so little of the illegal substance in it that it is legal to import and you are wearing it, not eating it.

  6. And we thank you for that clarification, I knew watching Weeds would pay off someday.

  7. Sorry if this double posts...

    I decided to sell the hemp belts for just $15 so more people can try them out. They are here ...

    thanks for the review here and also thanks to the commenters, big prop to Noah for knowing his shit :)

  8. hemp is NOT the same as marijuana. it is the male form of the marijuana plant and has absolutely zero THC in it. hemp does not produce the THC containing bud or flower like marijuana does , thus you will absolutely 100% not test positive for marijuana by using hemp materials. the THC in your pee is what makes you test positive, and if you dont ingest marijuana you can use all of the awesome hemp products you like without having to worry a bit


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