Thursday, August 11, 2011


[A Note from DSTRYR/SG:  This is the first in a series of product reviews brought to you by DSTRYR/SG and BJJHQ / MMAHQ.  MMAHQ and BJJHQ are unique among online stores - they sell one item per day at a discounted price.  They graciously donated these fight shorts to the DSTRYR/SG cause.  Be sure to check them out.]

Like usual, I feverishly ripped open the package to find a sweet pair of Scramble 'Bushido Athletics' shorts in bright purple and yellow. Of course, I have to love purple since it matches my current BJJ belt color. I looked at the shorts in awe and loved the sublimated graphics and the yellow Japanese Kanji. Yellow is also found in the logos, stitching and flex panel in the crotch. I usually compare shorts to the Sprawl shorts that I already own. I have found that the overall quality, stretch and fabric, along with many other features prove to be a good base to compare too.

The Scramble 'Bushido Athletics' shorts are made of a soft microfiber which is comfortable, but it does not stretch like some other brands which have 2 or 4 way stretch fabric. The waist is full elastic, just the way I like, and has the standard velcro fly and strap with inner drawstring that I am used too. I was actually impressed with the fly velcro, it seemed to be almost like a soft felt as opposed to the rough velcro that catches the drawstrings. Unfortunately the velcro in the fly that I love so much was not used in the strap. Not sure why, but I like the felt style much better. The shorts also have a inner pocket for your mouthpiece and 4" outer side-slits for additional range of motion.

The same night that I received the shorts, they got their first trial. Overall I was impressed.  They are pretty flashy (some people might not like the loud colors), fairly comfortable and durable. The Scramble shorts did seem to run a tad small and slightly narrow, similar to traditional board shorts. The shorts do adjust in the waist, via the elastic and velcro closure. I usually wear a 36 jeans, XL shorts or A-3 pants. Most of the time pants and shorts fit me well and depending on cut 36 or XL fit just fine. In this case the shorts are rather snug and did not leave much room once I put on a groin protector for sparing. Regardless, I washed and wore the shorts as directed for a week straight and found that they held up great; no unusual wear and tear or any ripping of seams. Like I said, a nice, durable, flashy pair of shorts that run a little on the small side but that look and feel great.

Quality: Brown belt (durable and comfortable materials, wish they stretched)
Price: 39 direct via Scramble or $64.95 here - a decent price for a good pair of MMA/BJJ Shorts
Appearance: Black Belt (Unique, bright and flashy, sans rhinestones. Some might hate the colors; I love them)
Durability: Black Belt (quality materials and great stitching)
Features: Black Belt (stretch panel, elastic waist, side slits, mouth piece pocket, sublimated graphics) Sizing: Purple belt (I would recommend ordering a size up especially if your going to wear a cup or if you have a donk)

Overall - BROWN BELT


  1. I have ordered gis twice from bjjhq both at very good prices. It arrives promptly and at a total shipping cost of $5.00, I think the gi I got was something like $80. You can not go wrong with these guys.

  2. so are there any products you don't like?

  3. If we find one we will tell be sure to tell you (grapplers) but we try as hard as possible to be objective and honest with everything. Also unless a product is really made poorly, chances are we will like at least some qualities of it. In this case, the negatives were the sizing, and the non stretchy material (maybe even the color.) But again that's only my opinion, someone else might hate the color or love the fact that they don't stretch.


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