Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Lying about your credentials is shady and ill-advised, but people do it all the time to get ahead.  It can back fire against you too.  It's all fun and games until someone asks you to work the fryer or make a Filet o Fish.  Now what are you gonna do?  I think you know what I mean.

Falsifying your BJJ lineage is also pretty despicable and not very smart.  Claiming to be black belt under Wallid Ismail?  Now that just plain stupid. 

Here's a little bonus vid of a classic BJJ matchup - Wallid versus the one and only Jean Jacques Machado:


  1. I don't think this kinda thing is widespread, fortunately, but I actually encountered a teen a couple weeks ago who seriously claimed to be a BJJ black belt. He had a really difficult time explaining how my blue belt ass kept submitting him. Sad, just sad...

  2. It's got to be some sort of mental illness.

  3. I dunno, I think it is getting a lot more prevalent with the growth of MMA, especially in smaller cities and towns. I move around quite a bit (with the military) and just about every time I start looking for a new school or club I find a mcdojo where I am moving to. has become a great resource in helping me navigate clear of professors with sketchy records/pasts.

  4. Good call @ Tony. We're just lucky that grappling has a demonstrable vetting method called rolling. It's a shame with all the $ to be made in MMA/BJJ right now that for every smart grappler that does his or her homework, there are a plenty of others who will blindly get "sensei'ed" to a red belt without knowing any better...

    Also -

  5. Can't agree more with you guys, unfortunately I think it will continue to happen and I feel bad for those (especially kids) who don't know any better and get instruction from idiots that could get them killed in the real world.


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