Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Robson Moura is a legend in my book. He achieved Black belt at 18 years of age old and followed that up by winning Mundials 5 times. The man is an encyclopedia of jiu jitsu knowledge. He also has other extraordinary abilities including incredible strength, durability, and super speed. He can perform energy blasts which are formed from concentrating his chi.

Damn, I'm sorry grapplers I was watching 8 straight hours of Dragon Ball Z and mixed up my Goku and Robson traits. Last year I was lucky enough to meet Robson and surprisingly he wasn't wearing an orange kimono - regardless, deep down I knew he had special powers and I knew his sidekick Piccolo was around the corner ready to kick my ass.

Check out Robson's triangle setup that will surely choke out those assholes that call your favorite show a "cartoon," and not an "animated series."

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  1. I'm gon be drilling the f*** out of this later. I like...I like a lot.


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