Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We've featured Ricardo Cavalcanti several times on our site, yet we never grow tired of his kick ass techniques. Just the other day I had a gentleman, around the same age as Mestre Cavalcnti, argue with me about how BJJ is only for young people and he "can't be doing that kind of stuff at his age." He also said he wasn't flexible enough to do the technique (the scissor sweep, which after repeated instruction and lots of patience, he easily executed without the need for flexibility or youth.)  What I am getting at? You must have an open mind and an open heart toward martial arts (in this particular, BJJ) in order to succeed at it. Ricardo Cavalcante is a man many would say is past his athletic prime (he's 47), but week after week he shows us techniques that most people more than half his age can't do.

So, shut the f$%k up and learn something.  It might just change your life or, least, open your mind.

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  1. The DEMOLISHER gets so emotional about his BJJ, god love him.


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