Tuesday, August 23, 2011

RUSSIAN PRIEST SPREADS THE GOSPEL ... OF SAMBO (or Cвященник обучает воспитанников приемами самбо)

So what you don't speak Russian, grappler.  Not our problem.  What were you even doing all those years in school?

With the sad demise of Fedor, the Sambo's bandwagon has probably lightened a bit.  Not so here at DSTRYR/SG.  We have plenty of love for the world grappling arts, and, although I've never practiced it, Sambo stands near the top of the list (just above that Turkish oil wrestling).

With that, check out a neat (and slightly odd) news story straight from Russia.  I honestly don't know exactly what it's about other than an Orthodox priest teaching Sambo to kids.  And, that's more enough for us.


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