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As usual we are on a roll, hot an buttered. In all seriousness, it's time for another review, and this time it's a BJJ Kimono from Submission FC. We were lucky and privileged enough to receive a Black Submission FC Light Gi from company owner, Shakib. Just a few days after speaking at length with Shakib, (check out the interview below) I received my special package in the mail and I ripped it open without wasting any time.  In fact, I started tearing the package open before I walked back inside the house. The first thing I noticed about the gi was the rich black color and contrast white stitching. I was also pretty impressed with the overall weight and size - a lot of gi's nowadays claim to be light and they, frankly, are not. I opened the Submission FC packaging and unfolded the gi to inspect it further. Surprisingly everything looked pretty good, the kimono top had a really nice weave, softer on the inside and it was slightly stiff as expected. The gi top had a ripstop collar that matched the pants - which very much impressed me. The pants are both light and very soft which is often a hard combo to find in ripstops.

As usual I did my regular water and vinegar soaking and washed it in cool water, followed by a line dry. Upon inspection, the gi did not shrink at all. Both pre and post wash, the sleeves were slightly long for me, but I knew with a little special Demolisher treatment I could easily get it to "tighten" up. Next on the list was to try it out at practice and wear it as much as possible.

So far, without wearing the Gi, I am impressed with the materials used and the absence of shrinking or bleeding after the first wash. I must note that the stitching on the gi is not the best, but with the many reinforcements throughout, I don't think it will cause any problems or failure of the materials. Stay tuned for the second part of this review loaded with pictures and info. For now, take a look at the interview I did with Shakib:

Where is your company based out of?
Encino, CA

What was the inspiration behind starting your own gi company?
When I first started training in BJJ I fell in love with the martial art pretty quickly and just knew I would be continuing my training for many years to come. The economy was pretty bad at the time and I was out of a job. As I was training on the mats several times a week I really wanted to pursue a career in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This way I would always be able do what I enjoy. Coincidentally, a friend of mine briefly mentioned starting a Bjj Gi brand, but he never pursued it and I did. This was my inspiration to begin this Jiu Jitsu Gi brand and create a career out of my most favorite hobby.

What are your future goals for the company? And, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Our goal is to become one of the top brands in the Jiu Jitsu industry, and at the rate our brand is growing, we will. 5 years from today I see myself as the owner of one of the top brands in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I see myself not only growing the Submission Gi brand but also expanding the growth of BJJ.

How important is user feedback in your design/redesigns?
It is our customers who purchase and support our products so the feedback we get from them is very crucial. We love to hear any type of feedback from our customers weather they are positive or negative so that we can continue to innovate the BJJ industry with the most advanced and unique BJJ gear. All feedback received is very important and carefully considered when creating any of our new products. By carefully considering all feedback received we have been able to grow our brand to what it is now and will be able to continue to grow the brand all the way to the top.

Tell us a little about your own bjj training and if/how that has helped you design your gi's.
I have been training for about 2 ½ years under Jean Jeaques Machado in Tarzana and I am currently a blue belt. By training in Jiu Jitsu a few times a week for the past few years I’m able to tell what details are best put into a Gi and by doing much research we have created the Submission Light Gi which is our newest model to this date. When I roll, I love to roll in a comfortable gi, a soft breathable gi that is also built with high end quality. A Gi that comes with rope draw strings and light durable pants. One that pays close attention to detail and of course has awesome aesthetics. This is what I want in a Bjj Gi and this is what we have created in the new Submission Light Gi.

Can you tell us about any innovations or special designs you are working on for future gi's/products?
We will soon be coming out with our first line of Submission rash guards.

Also, we will be creating the world’s first Rip Stop BJJ belt! The rip stop material on the belt will increase lightness, durability and help you actually keep your belt until your new belt promotion without breaking down on you!

We are also coming out with a new unique line of Submission Gis that will innovate the Jiu Jitsu industry but for now it is top secret! Here’s a hint: The title is “____ Sensation”. Can you take a guess at what it will be? --

Just as an FYI you can purchase this gi from these retailers: or and at

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