Monday, August 29, 2011


Now usually we try to be as politically correct as possible, but sometimes we cannot help ourselves - for example, this post. Check out this sweet video sent to us from the Huntington Beach BJJ / Gazze Academy. Professor Junior Gazze is a second degree black belt with many years of BJJ and MMA experience. He has even fought Dean Lister in Jiu Jitsu and Chris Leben in MMA and has defeated them both. So today Professor Gazze takes us on a tour of crucifix. Quite frankly, he shows us more ways to get stuck in the crucifix than Mel Gibson ever could.

And just so you know, if you didn't already, no he didn't tap.

Now that I have successfully offended our readers, let's go to the video tape.

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  1. I have that Gi! Great useful techniques as always, cant wait to try them out


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