Monday, September 26, 2011


I have no idea how you spent your weekend.  Maybe you attended to a Zumba seminar or were busy baking cupcakes for a dandy little UFC soiree at your place.  Maybe you had "date night" with your wife (relatively lame).  It matters not to us, grappler, as long as your priorities remained intact.  And, by that we mean you took the time to witness as much ADCC competition as was humanly possible.

If you missed it, I'm sorry, but you clearly blew it and deserve to be mocked.  Nevertheless, we give you the results and a few notes.  Sadly, words cannot describe the event that occurred.  You needed to witness it yourself.  And, if you did see it (like we did), you know exactly what we mean.

Under 66 kg:
First:  Rafael Mendes
Second:  Cobrinha
Third:  Jeff Glover
Notes/highlights:  The division was stacked.  The final between Mendes and Cobrinhia, although technical, was a 50/50 snoozer with both repeatedly busting failed footlocks, kneebars and heelhooks.  No verifiable attempts to pass guard, score takedowns or take the back.  Still, these two are the best in the world in their weight class, so what do I know.

Under 77 kg:
First:  Marcelo Garcia
Second:  Leo Vieira
Third:  Kron Gracie
Notes/highlights: Marcelo Garcia and Marcelo Garcia.  He's perhaps the greatest of our day (in modern BJJ/sub grappling).  It was also very cool to see Leo Vieira back in action and still at the top of the heap.  Lastly, Kron almost submitted Marcelinho with a guillotine (according to Marcelo, it was very close to finishing him).  Impressive.  Who needs tiger blood when you have Rickson blood in your veins.

Under 88 kg:
First:  Andre Galvao
Second:  Rousimar Toquinho
Third:  Pablo Popovitch

Notes/highlights:  I'm already biased in favor of Galvao, but the guy really brought it for this tournament.  Smart, athletic and technical Jiu Jitsu all the way through.  He never tired and made very few mistakes.  I was also surprised to see so many top guys damaged by Toquinho's heel hooks/leg submissions.

Under 99 kg:
First:  Dean Lister

Second:  Joao Assis
Third:  Xande Ribeiro

Notes/highlights:  The great Dean Lister is still great.  He sub'd Joao in the final minutes of their match via heel hook.

Over 99 kg:
First:  Vinny Magalhães
Second:  Fabricio Werdum
Third:  Roberto Cyborg

Notes/highlights:  The highlight, for me, was the pitch battle between Magalhães and Werdum.  At one point Fabricio had an armbar on Vinny and it looked like it was a done deal; miraculously, Vinny weathered it and escaped to win on points.  Later, he said the armbar was never locked in and did not hurt him.  
First: Andre Galvao
Second:  Pablo Popovitch
Third:  Xande Ribeiro
Notes/highlights:  Galvao submitted Popovitch via footlock in the pre-point scoring period.  The rest of the matches in this division were very close, with all wins by points or decision (i.e., no subs).

Under 60 kg:
First: Kyra Gracie
Second:  Michelle Nicolini
Third:  Luanna Alzuguir
Notes/highlights:  Kyra versus Michelle in the final. It was very close and both exchanged omoplata attempts, with Kyra's scoring the submission.
Over 60 kg:
First: Gabrielle Garcia
Second:  Hannette Staack
Third:  Ida Hansson
Notes/highlights: Gabi's power and dominance was expected, but still, it's very impressive to witness.  My only issue - although she dominates, I'd like to see more finishes (which, I believe she's capable of).

Braulio Estima defeated Jacare (points).  This match was a bit disappointing. Technical, yes.  But, Jacare held back and didn't exhibit the style for which he's famous (attacking, aggressive, relentless).  He appeared to have an injured rib, although this was never confirmed.  Braulio took Jacare's back for just enough time to get the 3 points to win.

Zá Mário defeated Renzo Gracie (points).  The legendary veterans still have it and showed it.  Two overtime periods later, Sperry came out on top 5-0 (I believe).

Grapplers, I hope who watched this event and enjoyed the way we here at DSTRYR/SG did.  It was amazing: overall, probably the best demonstration of professional grappling one can see (even compared to Worlds).  The skill level, condition, technical ability and athleticism of the competitors is staggering.  It only shows the sport continues to develop and progress.


  1. I was at the event and it was absolutely mental. The atmosphere was amazing, the roof nearly blew off when Braulio was fighting and Toquinho electried the arena also. Another highlight for me was Leo Vieira's judo throw on Enricco Coco which nearly put him through the floor. A great weekend! Plus I met Rickson. :o) \m/

  2. It was a brilliant event, can anyone stop Gabi Garcia? Im officially a Palhares fan boy now, power hugs for all.


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