Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Grapplers, ADCC is only 4 days away. We're bursting with with two years of anticipation, waiting to see what grappular amazingness will occur over the weekend. If your not stuck on a spiritual journey or in a typhoon, like our buddy Enson, get to your nearest computer this weekend and tune in. That's right - tune in.  Budovideos is streaming ADCC live via your very own porn laden Windows 95 computer.

Now, in order to be one of the world's greatest grapplers, you not only need to put in the mat time (i.e., the perfect technique), you need to train, and train hard. In the famous words of grappling great Erik Paulson, "Conditioning is one of the few things you can fully control."

The world's best grappling athletes are competing this weekend and they've been training at a sick pace for months. Take a look at Andre Galvao utilizing the Bulgarian bag in preparation for this weekend's ADCC tourney. If you're mildly perplexed about what the hell a Bulgarian bag is, you can read about it here.  Or you can get my quick version: it's a heavy (usually leather) crescent shaped bag that has various handles and straps used for overall conditioning and grip strengthening exercises. It was developed by a US Olympic coach and Bulgarian wrestler, Ivan Ivanov.

So watch Galvao go through two minutes of pure hell and lament, realizing the only exercise you had today was sucking the orange off of your processed cheese food encrusted fingers and clicking on our site (which we appreciate very much).

And, not to be outdone, Andre's Atos teammate, Rafael Mendes, has a ADCC training video of his own.

And, let's not forget Team Popovitch.  Major props for Pablo's use of Indian Clubs.  Novel!


  1. Interesting that their methods vary but the idea remains roughly the same, challenging the Anaerobic Glycolytic energy path way, despite all the novel ways of getting there the idea is the same.

  2. Interesting that no one cares who you are but you want the internet to know you've taken an A&P class.

  3. Damnt Anonymous, I had some questions for him about the Krebs Cycle!

  4. "I lecture Sports Science dabble in Strength and conditioning coaching, keen on strength, fitness and Martial arts I am a fitness contributer to JUMP magazine. I Train with Gracie Barra Essex "

    He seems pretty cool to me. Thanks William

  5. Can anyone tell me if Kegel exercises help my guard game?

  6. " your very own porn laden Windows 95 computer. "
    HAHA that made my day

  7. I'm lucky enough to be going to see this live with a load of Jiu-Jitsu bretheren (sorry for rubbing it in). I can't wait to see Mendes demolish some opponents... the whole list of competitors is just awesome though. Really happy they've brought it to England, hopefuly it catches some media attention and maybe inspires some young talent to take up the sport. Though a recent report suggests that the media in England just doesn't have a clue:

  8. Sweet man, feel free to share any pics or updates. And we did see that report and apparently they don't know what grappling is.


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