Monday, September 26, 2011


Yes, it has a been a while, but once again I was able to spontaneously incorporate ridiculous song lyrics into a post about grappling. UFC 135 was just part of a great weekend for grappling. As most grapplers are aware, ADCC took place this weekend and it was full of great fights and nasty submissions. To top off this amazing weekend I even had the opportunity to meet and train with Erik Paulson, so my weekend was awesome.

One thing, amongst many that I took away from Paulson is his emphasis on control by using wrestling and judo. This concept is often lost or not used in BJJ.  In MMA, wrestling can sometimes be to heavily relied upon, which creates the John Fitch Syndrome. It's rare that I am speechless, but Tim Boetsch accomplished that for me on Saturday night by executing the most beautiful Harai Goshi throw I have ever seen in MMA. I found myself rewinding it 4 times to see how he set it up which was nothing more than genius. It completely caught Nick "I have the worst nickname in MMA" Ring completely off guard. It's a shame more fighters don't apply Judo throws into their game since it's a perfect compliment to wrestling takedowns. This was not the first time something this spectacular in MMA has happened; check out a flying Joe Riggs in this clip.

Ok, so now it's time to check out the sweet animated gif below - it's the only way we can show you the throw and still stick it to the man in a legal manner.

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