Friday, September 23, 2011


A couple days agowe showed you some sweet conditioning vids of the worlds best grapplers putting in the work in preparation for this weekend. I, for one, have been glued to my computer reading about the grapplers and watching archived footage for months. I have been slowly counting down the days on my Google calendar and collecting ADCC paraphernalia. Take a look at this - you yourself could be the proud owner of an ADCC Pro Fuji Gi from our buddies over at BJJHQ.

Now we all know ADCC is known as the Superbowl of no gi grappling, but unfortunately the chicks of the sport don't get all that much attention. Take a look at this ridiculous lineup for the womens divisions.

-60kg Women
Luanna Alzuguir
Lara Jayne Ng
Hashi Takayo
Cathilee Albert
Michelle Nicolini
Sara Svensson
Krya Gracie
Rosi Sexton

+60kg Women
Hannette Staack
Fiona Muxlow
Penny Thomas
Talita Nogueira
Devi Ahuja
Gabi Garcia
Cris Cyborg

Several of these ladies have met each other in the past either in grappling fights or in MMA.

Cat Zingano v Takayo Hashi:

Penny Thomas vs Talita Nogueira:

Michelle Nicolini vs Kyra Gracie:

Some of these ladies are beasts if you haven't noticed.

Luanna Alzuguir:

Hannette Staack

And on a final note - ponder this grapplers: the beast known as Gabi Garcia in a match vs. Cris Cyborg. There will be more testosterone in the room than Chael Sonnen would know what to do with.

Tune in this weekend to Budovideos and watch away.

*UPDATE: major changes in the female brackets with Cris Cyborg out, peep it here!

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