Thursday, September 1, 2011


When I teach my students I spend a great deal of time breaking down the basic movements of each position into steps. My goal is - If you can follow say steps 1-5 you will be successful with the movement/technique. Usually people are surprised at how easy a submission can be when you can break it down to its core movements. Most of the time they respond with:

"Omo-god that was easy."

...And I respond with - "I'm here every Tuesday and Saturday, thank you."

Anyway, Today Danny Mitchell the head coach of the Asylum MMA Fight Team located in South Yorkshire, UK, breaks down an Omoplata shoulder lock for us in a way that could not be any easier.

Danny sets up the omoplata shoulderlock for an MMA situation that does not require flexibility. He does it with a simple hip movement where you can hit the omaplata and set up sweeps, back takes, and submissions. So take a look and try it out tonight - the omo-easy-plata for MMA.

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