Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As my jiu jitsu career progresses the more I realize the basics are the most important part of the sport/art. At the my current level, I have come to the conclusion that for my skills to progress I need to improve upon my fundamentals rather than learning new attacks or submissions.

The scissor sweep has been one of my most successful sweeps since I started jiu jitsu several years ago. If you master the mechanics of the move and become adept at setting it up, its almost impossible to stop.

Watch the video and go master the basics!


  1. when the leg goes across the middle the guy in blue could sprawl out on top of it and capture side mount very easily.
    The Kenny Florian pass
    This sweep is useless in our gym.

  2. I think the keyword there is "could". You "could" also break his grips and prevent the sweep. You "could" also not end up in his guard. Translating the "could" into the "did" tends to be where things get a little tricky. ;)


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