Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Ok grapplers, a few weeks ago we gave you the unboxing of the Black Submission FC Light Gi. Today is time for the full review with all the bells and whistles.

As I stated in my unboxing post (Part Uno) I did my regular water and vinegar soaking and washed it in cool water, followed by a line dry. After further inspection the gi did not shrink at all. Both pre and post wash the the sleeves were slightly long for me but I knew with a little special Demolisher treatment I could easily get it to "tighten" up. My process usually involves a timed hot wash and hot dry just to get that tailored fit. So after prepping my, Gi I wore it for 30 BJJ practices in a row and here are my conclusions.

The overall look of the gi is great - it has a rich black color, contrast stitching, and it's chock-full of ripstop, including the collar, reinforcements and pants. The gi does have its share of piping and patching, but nothing that puts it over the top. You can find branded ripstop piping along the skirt of the gi and the outer seam of the pants. The gi top has typical patch placement with double shoulder and single lapel patches. The rubber lapel is covered in ripstop material and has a great balance of thickness and stiffness. All the seams are heavily reinforced and many are taped with ripstop.

As I originally stated, the Gi had some sloppy stitching which I was a little concerned about at first, but after wearing it and hard training I have nothing but good news. No stitching or threads came loose and the integrity and structure of the gi held up with no issues. The rich black color of the gi did not fade and there were no integrity concerns other than my rope drawstrings "popping." Unfortunately this seems to be an inevitable downside to the rope drawstrings that has occurred in several other pants of mine. The ripstop pants were a great addition to the many high-end features of this gi. The pants were very comfortable, not stiff or waxy and had plenty of room in the inseam. Even though they were made of ripstop material they felt almost like a lightweight but durable pair of pajama pants.

As far as the overall comfort of the gi is concerned, I was happy with it. It did not have the soft bathrobe like wear of a goldweave, but, then again, its not a goldweave. Both the fit and comfort level were on par with most other lightweight gis. I did notice that the gi did stay a little stiff even after a hot drying, but this did not bother me (for some people it might). Both the gi top and pants dried quickly and stayed comfortable throughout training.

Overall the gi is comfortable, durable and very affordable. It has features usually only found in gis that are considerably more expensive.

Quality: Brown belt (Preshrunk cotton and ripstop with lots of features. Some may not like the sloppy stitching.)
Price: Black Belt (Starting at $100 - Great price for a gi with these types of features and durability.)
Appearance: Brown Belt (Deep black with white contrast stitching was great. Some may not like the patching and piping.)
Durability: Black Belt (Double stitching, ripstop and reinforcements throughout the gi.)
Features: Black Belt (Preshrunk, lightweight, foam collar, heavy use of ripstop throughout including the pants with a ropestring.)
Sizing: Brown belt (My A3 fit well.  With 1 hot wash as dry, the gi tightened up for a good fit.)

Overall - Three Stripe Brown Belt


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