Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A lot of BJJ/sub grappling instruction is complex and step-based.  The steps can add up and the moves can ultimately get a little impractical - in my opinion.  What I've found to be true is that you almost always need to make adjustments to your instructed steps.  And, what I much prefer is simpler, more bare bones, body mechanics-based positions and submissions.  I've found it's much more effective for a grappler's education if he/she learns big concepts and principles (properly and routinely) and watches them play out in his/her free training (i.e., rolling).  I say all that and realize some people don't learn that way and prefer the exact opposite type of instruction.

But, this is DSTRYR/SG and I kind of have total control over your mind, at least at this very moment.  Maybe the real truth lies somewhere in-between and all kinds of instruction is beneficial (as long as it's good) and balance is important.  All that stuff. 

Check out the short video technique from the Travis Ewing, a practitioner out of Hawaii who calls his style Dirty Jiu Jitsu (see also The Levandian Project).  I don't know much about Travis or his teammates (i.e., their experience, level of expertise, grappling lineage), but sometimes that doesn't matter.  I like their style and their approach to grappling/fighting, at least from the stuff I'm seeing.  The technique shown is deemed "The Hannibal," but it's really nothing more than a triangle from mount using solid body positioning, leverage and control.  I like it.

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